Summer Student Scholarship Program

Injury Prevention Scholarship Application

Each year, a couple of graduate and/or undergraduate students will be selected and supported to complete research or programmatic projects in intentional or unintentional injury. Students from any area university will be eligible to apply for the scholarship. Scholarship recipients will receive the following:

  • $1,000 stipend
  • Scholarship certificate
  • Opportunity to present work to local injury control experts at a ECIC meeting
  • Recognition on the ECIC's website

Scholarship funds can be used to support any aspect of the students' project development and implementation. Please contact Ms. Vickie Howard for application information The deadline is Friday, April 22, 2016 at 5 pm.

Deadline: Friday, April 22, 2016

Please type and provide all requested information.  You must submit the application form, project proposal, and resume/CV electronically (in one document) and signed pdf letters of recommendation and support may also be submitted electronically.  Applications must be received by 5pm on April 22, 2016.     

Student Applicant’s Name:  ______________________________________________________________

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Type of Scholarship Sought (circle one):                                 Unintentional Injury Prevention

                                                                                                       Violence Prevention

 Name of Academic Institution:  ___________________________________________________________

 Date of Anticipated Graduation:  ________________________    Degree Expected:  _______________

 Faculty Advisor:  _______________________________________________________________________

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 Email: __________________________

 I, _______________________, submit that all of the information included in this application is truthful and accurate to the best of my  knowledge. 



 Application Checklist:

  • The complete application (including resume/CV and project proposal)
  • One letter of recommendation
  • One letter of support

Emory University’s Center for Injury Control (ECIC) is accepting applications for a summer long student scholarship to assist and train students in injury prevention and control. The fellowship is designed to recognize, assist and train students working on research or practice-based projects in either unintentional injury prevention or violence prevention. For one summer, starting June 2016 and ending in August 2016, scholarship recipients will receive a $1,000 stipend to be used towards the completion of a project of their choice. 

 Eligibility and Requirements:

  • Applicants must be enrolled as a full time student in an undergraduate, masters, or doctoral degree program.
  • Students who are currently receiving another injury prevention fellowship or scholarship are ineligible to apply.  Funds supporting the project from other, non-injury specific sources are acceptable.
  • Students must submit: a completed application form; a current resume or curriculum vitae; and a project proposal describing the rationale, intended purpose, process/methodology, and potential contribution or impact of the project in 500 words or less.  In addition, applications should include one letter of recommendation regarding the applicant’s abilities and qualifications (from an internship coordinator, preceptor, faculty member or other professional); and one letter of support from a designated faculty member who plans to work with the applicant on the proposed project (or agency representative if the project involves work with a non-academic organization) and can verify that the student is a full-time student in a degree program.  Letters may be signed pdfs sent electronically.
  • Proposed projects for unintentional injury prevention may address injuries related to home and leisure, occupation or transportation (e.g. fire, bicycle, sports, falls, alcohol, motor vehicle).   
  • Proposed projects for violence prevention may address violence against women, including dating violence, sexual violence, intimate partner violence; child maltreatment, such as child abuse, neglect or sexual abuse; suicide; or youth violence prevention, including media influence and bullying.
  • Proposed projects may be new or on going, and the applicant must have the primary role in conducting the project.
  • Recipients will be required to submit a brief, 1-page, progress/completion report in early September 2015 detailing the status of the project and the contribution of ECIC funds to the project.
  • For their final project, recipients must prepare a brief presentation of their work to be presented at an ECIC meeting during the 2016-2017 year. 

 Review Criteria

Proposals will be reviewed by the ECIC Selection Committee for their scientific and/or theoretical basis, originality, and potential contribution to injury prevention and control.  Projects may be related to surveillance, risk factor identification, or intervention development, evaluation or dissemination.  Projects related to the development or use of theory in injury prevention also are acceptable. Specific criteria include the following. 

  • Research Proposals should include: problem identification and/or rationale for the project; theoretical or conceptual basis; population of interest; research design and methodology; plans for data collection and analysis; contribution to knowledge in injury prevention.
  • Practice-based Proposals should include: problem identification and/or rationale for the project; theoretical or conceptual basis or related findings from a needs assessment; population served; practice design; cultural competence of materials; plans for implementation, evaluation and dissemination; intended contribution to the field of injury prevention.

Application Procedures: Send the complete application (including resume/CV and project proposal) electronically to Vickie Howard at  and request that one letter recommendation and one letter of support be sent electronically to All application materials must be received by 5pm, Wednesday April 22, 2016 to qualify for consideration.  If you have any questions, contact Dr. Sharon Nieb at ECIC (404-251-8844). 


Congratulations to the 2015 Scholarship Recipients!

Laure T. Coleman, MPH, CHES, University of Georgia
Identification and Reporting of Domestic Sex Trafficking of Minors:The Role of Health Care Workers 

Casey D. Hall, MPH, Emory University
Perceptions of Intimate Partner Violence Among Bisexual Men and Women, Biphobia and Social Isolation:  A Qualitative Examination

Rebecca Hollenbach, Emory University
A Process Evaluation of the Northwest Network's Relationships Skills Class

Mary Spencer-Cain, M.S., Georgia State University

The Effects of a 4-week Rehabilitation Program in Those Suffering From Chronic Ankle Instability:  A Randomized Control Trial