Program Evaluation - Track FULL

Description: This track is for participants interested in evaluating a program within their organization for the purpose of revising the program to achieve more desirable results or to distinguish their program as worthwhile for policymakers or funding organizations. This track will describe the CDC Evaluation Framework steps and standards and will walk participants through an evaluation process, based on the Framework. Participants will learn how important it is to integrate planning, performance measurement and evaluation into a “continuous program improvement cycle” and the central importance of describing your program accurately and focusing your evaluation correctly. Participants will learn how to create and use simple “painless” logic models in evaluation and how to decide on the appropriate mix of process and outcome evaluation and how to formulate good evaluation questions. There will also be a brief treatment of types of data collection and how to choose the best sources and methods for a specific evaluation. This course will incorporate multiple learning styles including activities such as case studies, small group exercises, PowerPoint slides, and written materials and handouts. The trainer will facilitate the learning activities while providing lectures for new concepts and methods.


By the end of this session, participants should be able to:

1)     Discuss the CDC Evaluation Framework steps and standards

2)     Create/use simple logic model(s) in evaluation

3)     Describe the differences between process and outcome evaluation and how to apply these concepts to program       evaluation

4)     Formulate appropriate evaluation questions

5)     Identify various measurement strategies for evaluation

6)     Describe the steps of an evaluation process

7)     Outline the content of a basic evaluation plan

Thomas J. Chapel, MA, MBA
Mr. Chapel serves as CDC’s first Chief Evaluation Officer, where he strengthens evaluation capacity of CDC programs and partners, by setting standards, hands-on facilitation, and providing training, tools, and resources. He joined CDC in January 2001 as a health scientist and has been providing evaluation leadership in various roles and capacities ever since. Tom is known nationally for his work in evaluation and his leadership with the American Evaluation Association.  For his efforts, he was awarded the 2013 Mydral Government Evaluation Award by the American Evaluation Association. Before joining CDC, Tom was a vice president in the Atlanta office of Macro International (now ICF International), where he directed hundreds of projects and tasks in evaluation and planning for CDC, other Federal agencies, and state, local, and community-based organizations,  Mr. Chapel received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the Johns Hopkins University and his Master of Business Administration and Master of Public Policy degrees from the University of Minnesota.