Through its Research Core, the ECIC develops, conducts, and supports multidisciplinary, multi-institutional research on a wide range of violence and unintentional injury problems, with a particular focus on studies aimed at reducing the burden of injuries in highly vulnerable populations and research that contributes to the rapid translation of science to practice.

ECIC faculty research projects vary from the pre-hospital setting to rehabilitation, encompassing both unintentional and intentional injuries. Some research topics include: Primary prevention of elder falls, Screening for intimate partner violence, Prevention of PTSD in trauma patients, Determining the economic cost of injuries, Traumatic brain injury, and  Pre-hospital care.  

The ECIC’s core research portfolio includes one large project (funded for 5 years) and four small projects (funded for two years each).  In addition to the Center’s core research portfolio, the ECIC funds annual, one – year seed grants through the Faculty Seed Grant Program. This program facilitates and promotes innovation, preliminary and interdisciplinary research activities to yield future high – impact injury prevention research. The 4 categories of grants are designed to provide incentives and support for researchers to work collaboratively with interdisciplinary teams and community members on projects that can lead to larger grant proposals related to violence and injury prevention or that support the preparation of a larger grant proposal.

The ECIC further supports the development of quality injury prevention research by providing the following technical support to researchers: Literature Reviews Methodological and Statistical support, Translation and Dissemination research development support, Economic evaluation support, and Injury Data Workshop: Part II.

Watch a podcast of the Injury Data Workshop: Part II from April 25, 2012. The workshop included: An introduction from Rana Bayakly from the Georgia Department of Public Health:

CDC's NVDRS (National Violent Death Reporting System) & GVDRS (Georgia Violent Death Reporting System) on WISQARS (Web-Based Injury Statistics Query and Reporting System): 

The Georgia Department of Public Health's OASIS (Online Analytical Statistical Information System) Crash and Crash Outcome Data: WATCH HERE

Injury Data Workshop: Part I Watch a podcast of the Injury Data Workshop: Part I, hosted by ECIC and the Georgia Department of Health on September 23, 2011. Featured datasets included:

Georgia BRFSS (Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System)

Georgia YRBS (Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance) GVDRS (Georgia Violent Death Reporting System)

Georgia Trauma Registry OASIS (Online Analytical Statistical Information System - the Georgia Department of Public Health's statistics data warehouse).  WATCH HERE